Melt Your Ice Quickly

Melt Your Ice Quickly

Purchase Ice Melt in Yakima, WA today

If you need to melt ice away, Ice Melt is just what you need to buy. Roy's Ace Hardware in Yakima, WA stocks up all of the Ice Melt you need. Ice Melt is usually comprised of sodium chloride, magnesium chloride pellets and calcium chloride pellets. Calcium chloride is recognized as one of the best ingredients for melting ice because it's fast-acting and long-lasting.

Stop by today to pick up Ice Melt, and you'll be able to melt ice away in no time.

4 tips you need to know about Ice Melt

Ice Melt is a great tool to have around when you need to get rid of ice on the ground. Here are four things you should know about Ice Melt:

  • You don't want to wait until the last minute to apply Ice Melt.
  • You should always handle Ice Melt with protective gloves and glasses.
  • You need to properly clean and remove Ice Melt after use.
  • You should store Ice Melt away from moisture, air and sunlight.

Don't waste your money on other brands that don't work effectively. For more information about Ice Melt, chat with the staff at Roy's Ace Hardware in Yakima, WA.